AlDR-Tech is a leading consultancy and service provider in the IT and telecom sector .
Our teams are specialised developers engineers and consultants are there to your end-to-end data, IT and development needs


We aim to define the future of information technology with our professional innovative team work, we also strive to become a global IT company because we care to share our client’s success step by step.


We care about providing our clients the best services, so we keen to do our business to the fullest with the best quality by following the approach of upgrading and developing, we guide companies to keep up with the latest methods of information technology work.

Our values

Time management

ALDR-Tech believes in the value of your time, and understand that the technological world is advancing at a very fast pace.

We work to take up as little of your time as possible and offer you the peace of mind that you desire.


Guaranteeing a consistent high level of services, responding to client’s reviews and o your inquiries, ALDR-Tech aims to maintain a consistent voice, tone and style.


Efficient work requires efficient marketing about insights on what projects bring our client more profits and hence which are of bigger importance for growing your business.


In our commitment to continuously improve, innovate and deliver exceptional results, we listen and ask probing questions until we understand the needs of our stakeholders, clients and employees.

Team work

We believe in the power of people and team work, we hire the best talent in every area so that you don’t have to, our passion shows through our actions, when we serve our clients, we go to the extra distance in all that we do.

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